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Video production, fixing, crew, video reporters, equipment, shooting permits, transport, translations, localization.
We support internacional media outlets, companies and foreign journalists working in Brazil.

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Crew and equipment

We arrange crews and equipment to suit your needs and your budget. DOPs, Cameramen, Cameras, Lighting, Sound Assistants, Fixers, Researchers, Translators, Producers, Directors, Editors, Edit Suite Booking and Post Production are some of our expertise.

Support services

We provide a one-stop shop of support services for your visit to Brazil. We can advise on visas and permits for your equipment and filming. We can provide solutions to send home your work. Also we can advise on flights, transport/drivers, helicopters/pilots, security and accommodation.

Stories and production

We know the landscape, the people and the politics. We know the background behind today’s biggest stories and insights into niche angles. We can provide story ideas, research, locations, contacts and experts. Or we can produce your packages for you within a set budget.

Translation and localization

Get your message across to Brazilian audiences with the help of our media-savvy team of translators and localizers. We specialize in providing accurate and culturally sensitive translations and voice-over for videos, websites, software, and other types of content. Count on us to help you effectively communicate with your target audience and successfully expand your business in Brazil.

About Us

Brazil Media Base was founded in 2013 by a highly skilled team of Brazilian journalists who have worked for major international media outlets including BBC World Service and CNN, as well as leading Brazilian media companies such as Rede TV, TV Brasil, Folha de S. Paulo, O Estado de S. Paulo newspapers, and Editora Globo.

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We are the right term for your business. We have the expertise and knowledge to offer impartial advice and services at an honest price.

Service – We see all our clients as long term partners
Cost efficiency – We focus on finding the most cost effect solutions
Specialization – BMB was created to support the international media
Trust – Our team is very transparent about what we can do


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